WANDER by Viktor Posnov

Ore Dock’s January exhibit is titled “WANDER”. View a collection of photography by Viktor Posnov—natural wonders spanning the United States with an eye for capturing the beauty of local treasures. The exhibit will be on display throughout the month of January. The public is invited to an artist reception on Thursday, January 12, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. when prints will be available for purchase. Invite your friends to the event to think about traveling and drink some brews.

In Water by Beth Price

October’s exhibit is titled “In Water: A Photographic Exploration” and is hosted in conjunction with the Fresh Coast Film Festival. Photographer Beth Price is based in Northern Michigan. It is here that she finds much inspiration in the color palette and light that falls throughout the changing seasons, in the open landscapes, and in the freshwater that is so abundant.

In Water : A Photographic Exploration is the result of Beth’s passion for The Great Lakes and freshwater- while weaving in human and environmental dimensions. The public is invited to an artist reception on Friday, October 14, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the upstairs community space. Prints will be available for sale throughout the month.

Beth Price Photography: www.bethpricephotography.com
Fresh Coast Film Festival: http://freshcoastfilm.com/

Tiny Adventures by Mindy Otto

Ore Dock’s September exhibit is “Tiny Adventures” by Mindy Otto. This series consists of vibrantly-colored acrylic paintings on canvas as well as graphite drawings capturing snippets from the artist’s adventures globally and close to home. “The goal with these pieces (and life as I know it) is to pause the cluttered mind and to stay in the present moment finding the joy – however great or small or mysterious it might at first seem.”

There are multiple themes in the series. The landscapes, portraits, and still-lifes strive to be realistic, and depict real places, people and things. One theme comes from Mindy’s deep affinity for nature and the pure magic of untouched ecosystems and wild critters. The other theme is culture and third-world contact. Says the artist, “my tiny stories and adventures are shared with you in the universal language of color and shadow in hopes that you might share my delight.”

The exhibit will be on display throughout the month of September. An opening reception will take place on Saturday, September 3, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

I Wander by Dominic Davis

Ore Dock’s August exhibit, “I Wander”, is a collection of selected photographs from Dominic Davis’s series Day Dreams and Conversations, as well as other selected images taken between 2008 and 2016. “There is no theme for this photography collection other than being my most favorite images and wanting to share them” says Dominic. This is the first time some photographs will be shown while others in the collection have been exhibited and sold across the United States. An opening reception will take place on Friday, August 5, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Hiawatha Music Festival Poster Gallery

During the month of July, the Hiawatha Music Co-op proudly presents their full archive collection of the posters from each of the past 38 Hiawatha Traditional Music Festivals. Each year, the Co-op receives art submissions from a wide variety of folks.  Some years as many as 75 submissions are received.  All artwork must be original and not digitally produced.   The Board of Directors makes the final selection on what artwork will represent the July festival.  The artwork must reveal the true spirit of the Hiawatha Traditional Music Festival.  Music and nature are often themes in the posters leading the viewer to experience the beautiful surroundings of Tourist Park, where the festival has been held since 1984 and at the same time, acknowledging the musical nature of the weekend.  For many festival goers, browsing through the poster collection releases memories long tucked away, squeals of delight to notice the name of a favorite band they haven’t thought about in years, or having a special memory from that particular year. A public reception will take place on Saturday, July 9, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the community space.

Limited Edition
Our June exhibit, “Limited Edition” is a rock poster art show sponsored by Northmost Outpost. Limited Edition celebrates the marriage of music and design through the handmade, screen printed posters of eight local and national artists. The public is invited on Friday, June 24, from 5–7 p.m. for a closing reception and live screen printing demo. Participating artists:
  • Paul Hess: Paul is a graphic designer from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, now residing in Marquette, Michigan. Passions for music, skateboarding, design, and DIY culture led him to pursue a degree in graphic design from South Dakota State University. Paul has worked as a full-time graphic designer for over a decade and also produces handmade posters and art prints, both solo and in collaboration with other artists, through his company Northmost Outpost. www.NorthmostOupost.com
  • Christopher Lander Moore: Chris got his introduction to screen printing in his hometown of Kalamazoo, Michigan, helping friends create posters for small concerts. This encouraged him to enroll in Northern Michigan University to obtain his BFA in Printmaking, which was completed in 2011. During his time at the School of Art and Design he served as the poster designer for the Students’ Art Gallery, and created posters for local, regional, and national acts. Currently Christopher serves as the Exhibitions Manager of the DeVos Art Museum, and is an Instructor at the School of Art and Design teaching Printmaking.
  • Billy Sours: Billy is a designer, illustrator and printmaker based out of Southwest Virginia. His interest in art, design and music began at an early age and he went on to pursue a college degree in graphic design at Radford University. He has continued his art and music connections by designing and screen printing promotional material for a variety of bands and venues. See more of his work at www.BillySoursDesign.com.
  • Nicholas Erickson: Nicholas’ passion is to immerse himself in the DIY music community and contribute to it on as many levels as possible, from playing in multiple bands, to designing and screen printing posters, to promoting shows, to hosting touring bands. He is a self employed screen printer and father to Atticus and now lives in Ishpeming, MI with his partner, Taylor. Nicholas holds a BFA in Graphic Communications from Northern Michigan University.
  • Dana Kim: Dana is a designer at Madwell and currently resides in Denver, Colorado. She graduated from Northern Michigan University in 2013 with a degree in graphic communication and psychology. Her love of silk screen posters grew out of an interest in the local music scene, DIY culture and experimental processes. In her free time she enjoys collecting zines, listening to Beach Fossils and going on late night bike rides. www.Dana-Kim.com/
  • Jacob Rosenburg: Designer. Illustrator. Human father. Beagle father. Tigers fan. Yooper. Outdoorsman. Flannel lover. Ginger. Welder. Beard believer. Currently residing in Royal Oak Michigan. Jacob received his BFA at Northern Michigan University in 2009. Since then he has worked with Commonwealth/McCann in Detroit, Greentech Media in New York City, and Autoweek in Detroit. www.JacobRosenburg.com/
  • Mike Forester: Mike started designing show posters in 2010, wanting to combine his love of music and design. As an avid fan of most musical genres, Mike wanted to bring a unique sense of humor and wit to a wide variety of artists. From packaging to branding, Mike runs his own freelance company, while working as the art director of marketing at Northern Michigan University, which is also his alma mater. www.TheForesterCollective.com
  • Kyle Sauter: Born in Alaska. Raised in Vermont. Kyle spent six years as a graphic designer in the snowboard industry before moving to Minneapolis where he works as a freelance illustrator and designer. He is very passionate about screen-printing, bikes, boards, burritos, beer, and heavy metal. http://www.KyleSauter.com/

Our May exhibit, 100DayProjects are creativity excavations. They are opportunities to engage in small daily creative acts, everyday, for 100 consecutive days. That’s a long time and it takes commitment. 100 day projects are not about making perfect art. They’re about the process of creativity and developing new inroads into the ways we see and think. They give us permission to explore, experiment, and play for an extended period of time. The experience often leads to creative breakthroughs and the growth of a creative habit. During the month of May, Ore Dock will exhibit 100DayProject work by 2016 participants at the Ore Dock. On Saturday, May 21, the community space will host a gathering to celebrate creativity and the work of 2016 participants at a Completion Celebration from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. A Virtual Exhibit will also be shown at the event. The public is welcome.

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